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Dan Has Questions About Sacrifices And What They Mean Today: Parshat Vayirka

03/23/2023 10:58:25 AM


Dan Leemon

This week, we begin reading the third book of the Torah, Vayikra.  As usual, that’s also the name of the first Parshah of the book.  Vayikra means “and he called” — God calls to Moshe and begins to communicate a long series of rules and laws.  Some seem very modern.  Others seem rather ancient and outdated, but we will discover together what they mean for us today.  Many Parashiot of the book of Vayikra begin...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Wisdom, Generosity, Accomplishment, And The Journey Ahead: Parashiot Vayakhel-Pekudei

03/16/2023 09:04:57 AM


Dan Leemon

This week, we read a double portion and conclude the second book of the Torah, Shemot (Exodus).  The first Parshah is called Vayakhel, which means “and he assembled”.  Moshe assembles all the people, after coming down from Mount Sinai with the second set of stone tablets, and repeats the instructions for completing the Mishkan (the portable synagogue).  The second Parshah is called Pekudei, which means...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Anger, Forgiveness, Compassion -- And A Golden Calf: Parshat Ki Tisa

03/09/2023 11:33:53 AM


Dan Leemon

In last week’s Parshah, we learned about the building of the portable synagogue, the Mishkan, that God has commanded that the people build and transport through the desert.  Ki Tisa means “when you take” — God tells Moshe to take a count of all the people over age 20, and, when they are counted, to collect half a shekel from each.  In ancient times, a shekel was a unit of weight of gold or silver, and is the name of...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Good Deeds, Light, And Following Instructions: Parshat Tetzaveh

03/02/2023 08:19:12 AM


Dan Leemon

After many weeks of great adventures — from a fiery bush that doesn’t burn to extraordinary plagues, sea waters parting, drinking water coming out of rocks, food falling from the sky, and God’s voice speaking the 10 Commandments from a mountaintop — we now turn to the topic of:  assembly instructions.  This week’s Parshah is called Tetzaveh — “and you shall command”.  God gives Moshé more orders to...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Portable and Permanent Synagogues: Parshat Terumah

02/22/2023 09:30:23 AM


Dan Leemon

Two weeks ago, after we were finally free from enslavement, we learned that the 10 Commandments were spoken to us by God from Mount Sinai.  In last week’s Parshah, many more laws were given to us, especially concerning how we treat one another.  In addition to our freedom, and the food and water that sustained us in the wilderness after we left Egypt, these rules and laws, and the Torah itself, can be thought of as gifts from God....Read more...

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784