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CBJ takes pride in maintaining a community where members form solid and lasting relationships with each other. We’re grateful for the care of fellow congregants during difficult times and the love and support we feel during joyful times.

We foster meaningful relationships by creating an environment throughout synagogue life where people can share their stories, whether as part of a formal program (such as our Shabbat at Home intergenerational interviews) or more informally (during services and other regular CBJ activities).

Community Groups at CBJ

We encourage members to get to know each other through interest groups and social opportunities. A few of our groups and initiatives are listed below. If you’re curious about a social or demographic interest group you don’t see represented, you can always contact our office at or 650-366-8481.

Affinity Groups

Members with particular hobbies or special interests are encouraged to organize affinity groups to form deeper relationships in our community. Members have previously organized affinity groups around bike riding, sporting events, hiking, movies, or theater.

Book Clubs

We currently have two book clubs: the CBJ Book Group, which meets on the fourth Friday of every month, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm, and the Women’s Book Group, which meets on the second Monday of each month, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.


Our community cares When CBJ members go through complex life events, such as long-term illness or grieving. Our Cares team provides home-cooked meals to members in need and assistance with transportation. Contact us to volunteer or to request assistance. Join us in our kitchen for cooking days!

Mah Jong

CBJ hosts Mah Jong games every week on Thursdays. Games are open to all skill levels, and refresher or beginning lessons are available upon request.

Neighborhood Groups

Our neighborhood groups bring together up to two dozen or more families who live in the same town or area forget-together several times yearly. Members have organized neighborhood Shabbat dinners,  Havdalah dessert gatherings,  Sukkah brunches, picnics, and playdates in the park for their children.


CBJ’s active Sisterhood gathers women of all ages for social activities, support, wisdom, learning, recreation, spiritual endeavors, and service to our synagogue and the greater community. We have engaged in guided meditation, learned to bake Jewish foods, planned and created rituals, studied with inspiring teachers, listened to each other’s stories, created art, enjoyed music, gone on field trips, and eaten a lot of food. We are an intergenerational congregation, and our goal is to foster community. 

Young Adults (20s-30s)


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