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Dan Has DoubleThe Questions: Parshiot Behar and Bechukotai

05/11/2023 08:32:36 AM


Dan Leemon

Once again, we read two Parashiot this week. Behar -- which means “on the mountain”, and refers to what God told Moses on Mt. Sinai; and Bechukotai -- which means “in my rules” where God tells us what good things lie ahead if we follow God’s rules  — and what bad things will happen if we don’t!  
In recent weeks, the Torah has presented us with so many rules and mitzvot:  about sacrifices, priestly...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Holidays, Punishments, and Fairness: Parshat Emor

05/04/2023 09:24:10 AM


Dan Leemon

This week’s Parshah, Emor, is filled with various topics that are ripe for questions and discussion.  
Emor means “speak”, and the Parshah begins with God telling Moses to speak to the priests about the special standards by which they must live, to keep themselves clean and pure and able to perform their duties.  Again – as with how we keep ourselves clean, what to do when we’re sick, what we should and...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Atonement and Holiness: Parshiot Acharey Mot and Kedoshim

04/27/2023 08:38:00 AM


Dan Leemon

Once again, we read two Parashiot this week, giving us a lot to think about.  The first Parshah is Acharey Mot, “after the death”, and refers to the death of Aaron’s sons after they brought “strange fire” into the Mishkan (Tabernacle) as we talked about a couple of weeks ago.  The Parshah begins with instructions to Aaron about when he can enter the holiest section of the Mishkan, providing details about what he should...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Sickness And Health: Parashiot Tazria and Metzora

04/19/2023 04:42:41 PM


Dan Leemon

This week we read two Parashiot which often go together: Tazaria  and Metzora. Both continue from last week on the theme of what is clean/pure versus unclean/impure. Last week, this had to do with the foods we eat. This week, it's about illnesses and physical conditions (especially illnesses that can be easily seen - like skin rashes). Tazria means "conceived", and includes various rules of cleanliness...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About What Rules We Follow And What Food We Eat: Parshat Shemini

04/14/2023 09:10:30 AM


Dan Leemon

This week’s Parshah is Shemini, which means “eighth”.  On the eighth day after they are appointed priests, Moses brings Aaron, Aaron’s sons, and various elders of the Jews to instruct them on the laws of sacrifices.  Once again, the Torah goes into great detail on exactly how the sacrifices should be brought, giving very, very specific directions.   Aaron and his sons execute the sacrifices as they are instructed,...Read more...

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