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Dan Has Questions About Four Marriages, 12 Children, and An Untrustworthy Uncle: Parshat Vayetze

12/01/2022 08:49:51 AM


Dan Leemon

This week's Parshah continues the adventures of our first Jewish ancestors. In last week's Parsha, Rebecca and Isaac had twins, Esau and Jacob. Jacob managed by trickery to acquire the birthright and blessing that should, by tradition, have belonged to his older brother, Esau. With Esau rather angry about this, Jacob was sent off...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Elaborate Plans: Parshat Chayei Sarah

11/17/2022 08:16:13 AM


Dan Leemon

This week's Parshah, Chayei Sarah (which means "the life of Sarah"), is about the next generation of the Jewish people, Isaac and Rebecca. The Parshah begins by saying, "and the life of Sarah was 127 years", which is how old she is when she dies. Abraham realizes he needs to buy some property where Sarah can be buried. The owners...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Responses and Possibilities: Parshat Vayera

11/10/2022 08:04:56 AM


Dan Leemon

This week's Parshah Vayera, continues the story of our ancestors Abraham and Sarah. Vayera means "and he appeared", and the parshah begins with God appearing to Abraham to see how he's doing. Abraham is sitting outside his tent on a warm day, and sees three strangers, whom he rushes to greet, offering them water,...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Our First Ancestors: Parshat Lech Lecha

11/04/2022 08:26:11 AM


Dan Leemon

At the end of last week's Parshah, we were told of the many generations descended from Noah and his family after the great flood. Nine generations later, three of these individuals were Abram, his wife Sarai, and his nephew Lot, and that's where this week's Parsha begins. 

This week's Parshah is called Lech Lecha,...

Dan Has A Flood Of Questions: Parshat Noach 

10/28/2022 10:15:12 AM


Dan Leemon

When we left off at the end of the last week's Parshah, God had decided that people were fundamentally evil, and contemplated destroying all of creation and starting over. Then God become aware of someone named Noach (the name of this week's Parshah - in English, Noah). The story of Noach is, as with the story of creation we...Read more...

Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783