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Dan Has Questions About Songs, Skepticism, and Freedom: Parshat Beshalach

01/13/2022 11:10:10 AM


Dan Leemon

Last week, we discussed freedom and the struggle that typically accompanies achieving it.  This week that story continues in Parshat Beshalach, which means “when he sent”. Pharaoh has released us from our enslavement and sent us out of Egypt — at last!   It is a happy coincidence that we usually study...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About The Path To Freedom:  Parshat Bo

01/05/2022 02:44:49 PM


Dan Leemon

While we were taking our winter break, our ancestors spent over 400 years in Egypt, were enslaved there by a new Pharaoh who did not remember how Joseph had saved Egypt from famine, and God enlisted Moshe to free us.   Moshe has demanded that Pharaoh release us, Pharaoh has refused, then agreed, and then refused...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Families, Family Reunions, and How To Handle A Famine:  Parshat Vayigash

12/09/2021 10:49:54 AM


Dan Leemon

 Last week’s Parshah was what is called a “cliff-hanger”:  We left Joseph still not telling his brothers who he really is, and making it look as though his younger brother, Benjamin, is a thief and will therefore be held in Egypt.  This week’s Parshah, Vayigash, picks up right in the middle of the...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About More Dreams, Success, and Revenge: Parshat Miketz 

12/03/2021 10:45:58 AM


Dan Leemon

From the discussions about dreams that we’ve had over the years in Junior Congregation,  I have learned that our students are no less energetic about interpreting the meaning of dreams than our ancestor, Joseph.  In this week’s Parshah, the dreams and adventures continue.  The Parshah is...Read more...

Dan Has Questions About Four Marriages, 12 Children, and An Untrustworthy Uncle: Parshat Vayetze

11/12/2021 10:30:26 AM


Dan Leemon

This week’s Parshah continues the adventures of our first Jewish ancestors.  At the end of last week’s Parshah, Jacob had managed to acquire the birthright and blessing that should, by tradition, have belonged to his older brother, Esau.  With Esau rather angry about this, Jacob was sent off by his parents,...Read more...

Fri, January 28 2022 26 Shevat 5782