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Solomon Four

Throughout the passage of time, CBJ has stood resilient, evolving to embrace the ever-changing needs of our beloved community. Our journey has been shaped by unforeseen challenges like fires and the pandemic, as well as purposeful transformations born from visionary ideals. Yet, in every change, a single unshakable principle has anchored us—the essence of Kehilla Kedosha, the sacred community that defines us, that awaits all who enter our building.

The Solomon Four initiative is the next step in developing our entire site to meet our current and long term programmatic and spiritual needs. As the plan unfolds, we will be grounded in the overarching values that are important to CBJ. These include:

  • Kehillah Kedosha—at the heart of our future vision lies the aspiration to forge spaces where we unite, discovering our unique roles while cherishing one another, all within a collective home we create together.
  • Mind and Soul—creating spaces that nurture our well-being, and inspire our growth and reflection.
  • Inclusivity—thoughtfully designing accessible spaces, so all who come through our doors feel at home.
  • Sustainability—creating spaces mindful of our environment, honoring the value of bal-tashchit, a sacred commitment against wasteful destruction. celebrate
  • Appreciating nature—merging indoor and outdoor spaces for celebration, learning and worship.

How can you contribute to the journey? We encourage you to embrace your curiosity, inquire, engage in conversation, and share your thoughts, your feedback, and your insights, so together we create a space that is meaningful to all of us.

Tami Raubvogel, Board President
Rabbi Nat Ezray

Master Plan

The initial phase of Solomon 4 has been the development of a Master Plan for the entire CBJ campus that envisions improvements to existing elements and the creation of new structures. The scope of these improvements was largely determined through interviews with CBJ staff and key stakeholders in each area of concern.


Create a thoughtful, visionary Master Plan for the development of the CBJ campus that supports our values as a Kehillah Kedosha, and maximizes the effective use of our entire site to meet our current and long term programmatic and spiritual needs.


Under consideration are the creation or improvements to the following functional areas:

  • New multifunction outdoor chapel
  • Improved school wing
  • Restored memorial wall
  • Upgraded South Patio
  • Remodeled kitchen pantry/kitchenette area
  • Replaced sanctuary lighting
  • Future mikveh


The Master Plan project has been underway since early 2023. The draft master plan is scheduled to be prepared by the High Holidays. Following review and comment, a final plan will be completed shortly thereafter.


Order-of-magnitude cost estimates are being prepared for the various elements of the plan. Funds for implementation will come from a combination of existing reserves and a fundraising effort specific to this project.

Outdoor Chapel

The Master Plan envisions an outdoor gathering area, highly integrated into the landscape, fully accessible, designed to accommodate small groups as well as larger gatherings up to 250 people for High Holy day services as well as life cycle events, available for religious school use as well.

School Improvements

Our religious school and preschool are a great source of pride and the foundation of our holy obligation to pass our heritage from generation to generation. Our physical environment must reflect our values and create a place that inspires and nurtures our children and enhances their Jewish education.

South Patio Gathering Space

The outdoor space adjacent to the kitchen and the social hall—the so-called South Patio—may be a welcome place for small groups to meet socially, for study, or perhaps meditation. As an extension of the social hall it will be more attractive and inviting for Kiddush lunches.



  • Dan Hoffman
  • Elliot Stein
  • Yesh Ballon

Team members:

  • Andy Conroy
  • Ann Cauterucci
  • Bill Futornik
  • Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon
  • Keren Smith
  • Rabbi Nat Ezray
  • Steve Dines
  • Tami Raubvogel
  • Yuning Pathman

For the latest project information and images please continue to consult this Solomon Four webpage which will be greatly expanded in the days ahead.

Please send your questions and comments to

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784