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UPDATED 12/20/23 5:00 PM
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From Friday, October 20th, 2023:
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From Tuesday, October 10th, 2023:
By Rabbinical Assembly Israel and Masorti Israel (Hebrew and English)
By Rabbi Naomi Levy
By Bret Stephens
We will dance again.
AIPAC ¤ Wayne Klitofsky
Distributed by AIPAC Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 9:45 AM
Dear Reader,
Yesterday marked nine weeks since the October 7 massacre. Israel is still in shock and trauma from that morning, trying to cope with the horrific loss of life and sense of security. 
Today on ABC’s This Week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated that this war could be over tomorrow if Hamas were to surrender, and that Israel has every right to defend itself especially as the terror group promises to repeat the massacre again and again.
Blinken once again rejected calls for a ceasefire now, reaffirming that it “would simply perpetuate the problem” by keeping Hamas alive and armed.
The Israel Defense Forces continued its operation in Gaza, striking key Hamas strongholds in Gaza City and in Khan Younis. Ground forces continue to work block by block to rid the cities of Hamas terrorists while uncovering massive arsenals of weapons, including guns and ammunition found sewn into stuffed animals inside a school.
Photos and videos are circulating of Hamas members surrendering to Israeli soldiers. For security reasons, the men are stripped to minimal clothes to ensure they’re not wearing suicide vests. 
Israeli officials say that some 7,000 Hamas operatives have been killed thus far and there are some initial indications that Hamas’ military system is starting to collapse. The IDF is said to be interpreting this as a message that it needs to press even harder – they are on the offensive. Intense fighting in Gaza is expected for many more weeks.
As the war continues, America must continue to stand with our ally, Israel. Click here to send an email to your elected leaders urging them to pass the president’s $14.3 billion emergency request for Israel without added conditions. 

A Message to Israel and the World

Mia Schem, the 21-year-old Israeli who was held captive by Hamas for 55 days, shared a post on her Instagram of her new tattoo that reads, "We will dance again." Mia was abducted by Hamas from the music festival on the 7th and was forced to record propaganda videos by the terror group. Her new tattoo is a powerful statement and promise to all of Israel and the world that they will again persevere.
Earlier this week, 13-year-old Ariel Zohar celebrated his bar mitzvah. Ariel’s parents, two sisters, and grandmother were murdered on October 7. Ariel wore his grandfather’s tefillin after Zaka was able to recover it from the remnants of their home in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. His grandfather initially received the tefillin as a gift from his father, who would be killed by the Nazis a year later.
Please continue to follow AIPAC on social media for the latest news and developments about the war.
Wayne Klitofsky
Western States Director


The mission of AIPAC is to encourage and persuade the U.S. government to enact specific policies that create a strong, enduring, and mutually beneficial relationship with our ally, Israel.

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