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Embrace Israel: Advocacy

Updated 11/28/2023 4:32 PM

#2Use Your Voice:

Over the last week, there has been much discussion about what each of us can do to support Israel as world opinion and events turn against Israel and its citizens.   One action we can all take is to communicate our support to our House of Representative member Kevin Mullin. Kevin is receiving a lot of pressure and communications from constituents who are anti-Israel and/or people urging him to call for a ceasefire. 
Kevin put out a statement on October 7th, decrying the barbarism of the terrorists. He has NOT signed the resolution calling for a ceasefire and has backed all resolutions and funding for Israel. He needs to hear from us thanking him and encouraging him to support Israel to do what Israel needs to do to defend herself. 
The best way to communicate with Rep. Mullin is to either go to his website and use the link below or call his office. Please use this link for an easy-to-use form for submitting your message.  
You may copy below the message that I have drafted or edit it as you like or author your own:
Dear Rep. Mullin,
I write to thank you for your ongoing support for Israel. Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. Israel did not start this current conflict, it was attacked by terrorists who call for the destruction of the existence of the State of Israel. Israel must defend herself so that these terrorists are not able to attack Israel and her citizens. Please continue to support funding legislation for Israel and please continue to oppose a ceasefire and any legislation calling for a ceasefire.
In the alternative, you may call his office and deliver the same message below, just advise the person who answers the phone that you wish to express your support for Kevin in regard to a specific issue.   
Contacting Rep. Mullin is the least we can all do at a time when we want to do more than sit on the sidelines.   Thank you very much.
Mark B. Abelson

#1Use Your Voice:

We would like to share a message from Jon and Diane Levinson, members of our congregation. They have received input from their son, Rob, who serves as a legislative aide. Rob's suggestion is for us to reach out to our respective members of Congress, and we want to emphasize the importance of doing so.
It's crucial to note that every call we make to our representatives is recorded and significantly influences their decisions. While our local representatives have shown support for Israel, it's essential for them to understand the level of support within their constituency. Please consider reaching out to your congressional representatives and expressing your stance on this matter. Your voice counts and can help strengthen our collective position.
They recommend leaving a message that contains the following:
  • Name: "I am _______,"
  • Phone number: "My phone number is _______,"
  • Zip code: "My zip code is _______,"
  • "and I attest that I am a California resident."
  • “Please support Israel in efforts to destroy the genocidal terrorist organization Hamas, bring home hostages and support Israel in difficult days ahead.”
Words are important in this call – please just emphasize Hamas. 
Here are our senators and congresspeople:
If you call and you receive a message saying an inbox is full, try these numbers:

Advocacy Links:

Stories of the Hostages:

Approximately 230 Israelis have spent the past 21 nights and days in Hamas captivity after being abducted to Gaza. Each day, we will be highlighting one of their stories told through a family member, until they are all released. Please do your part by sharing THIS VIDEO and in calling for the immediate release of all the hostages.

Volunteer from Anywhere: 

You can assist with Israeli explanatory efforts in the USA and elsewhere.

Israel Export Institute  


Shalom from the Israel Export Institute a non-profit organization supporting Israeli companies with their international outreach. Together with the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Manufacturers Association of Israel, Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jewish Agency, we have come to launch the "Choose Israel Now" initiative supporting Israeli companies in these challenging times.   We are writing to you as a Jewish community leader, asking you to mobilize your community to support Israel with our “Choose Israel Now” initiative.   “Choose Israel Now” is a unique catalog of Israeli SMEs selling various goods online or via local retailers, including Israeli culinary products, arts, cosmetics, tech, and more.   As a community leader, we ask you to spread the word.   Sharing the Choose Israel Now initiative with your community would tremendously support us in Israel. Even a small purchase can go a long way.   We are calling all Israel supporters and our friends around the world to act now and support small and medium-sized companies in Israel by buying their products.   The Choose Israel Now initiative is a “zero profit” project -  companies are not charged for participating, and all the proceeds go directly to them.
   We will happily provide you with more information or marketing material to support your efforts.  Together, we will continue to prosper and grow. United, we stand! Sincerely yours,   Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin                 Nili Shalev                              Chairperson                                          CEO Israel Export Institute Email:
Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784