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Tickets: The "I AM CBJ" 5784 Gala

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Ticket pricing

We are thrilled about our upcoming "I Am CBJ" gala and can't wait to share the exciting details about our ticket pricing tiers. Tickets are available for purchase from now through May, with the best pricing available now. Act quickly to secure your spot at the celebration. Additionally, we understand that the event may pose financial constraints for some attendees. More information will be available in the future regarding reduced-price and complimentary tickets, providing an opportunity for everyone to join in the festivities. Stay tuned for updates!

The "I Am CBJ" Gala will feature a flexible event format designed to maximize your enjoyment and connection. We'll begin with a delightful cocktail hour, providing an opportunity for mingling and catching up with friends old and new. Following the cocktail hour, we will transition to a buffet dinner with both traditional sit-down options and more casual settings available, ensuring there's something for everyone. This variety of formats will create a social and elegant atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Sunrise Special (Early Bird Pricing): $180/person

Embrace the warmth of our Sunset Special! Like the sun gracing the horizon at dawn, this limited-time offer brings a radiant start to your gala experience. Act swiftly! Our exclusive Sunrise Special is only available until the end of the day on Sunday, March 31st.

Solar Soiree (Regular Pricing): $200/person

Sleep in? Miss the sunrise? There's plenty of sunlight left with our Solar Soiree tickets! Starting in April, tickets transition to our Regular Pricing of $200 per person. Join us to experience the full splendor of the sun's journey across the sky, bringing energy and brightness to our gala.

Sunset Splendor (Last-Minute Pricing): $300/person

Don't miss the final rays of light with our Sunset Splendor tickets! For those joining us fashionably late, tickets are available starting in May for $300 per person. Capture the last moments of the sun's daily descent and make your entrance in style. While the day may be winding down, our gala's atmosphere is set to shine brightly.

As part of our commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming community, we extend an invitation to our generous supporters to consider contributing towards Complimentary Tickets. Let's make it possible for every member of our community to partake in the joyous festivities of this gala, irrespective of financial circumstances.

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784