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Embrace Israel: Cause Sharing

UPDATED 12/11/2023 11:22 PM

From Bill Futornick (and Michele Harkov)

Do you know of anyone traveling to Israel in the next week or two? Our congregant Michele Harkov has put together some packages for the Lone Soldier Center that help take care of people coming to serve in the military without any family in Israel. Michele’s relatives in Israel would meet you at the airport and deliver it to the organization. Michele will also be happy to pay for any additional luggage fees. Please get in touch with her at (650) 773-1332‬. Thank you all, and thank you, Michele!


From Rhonna Rogal

A dear friend of mine in NYC is working with a colleague in Israel trying to raise $50K for a program at Tel HaShomer that provides treatment to pregnant woman from Israel’s south—impacted by last week’s horrific events. If you, or others in your circles would support, please let me know and I’ll facilitate contact. Here is a description of the program: An urgent appeal for funds for pregnant and postpartum women in distress during the war!

Here is a description of the program:

Sheba Hospital’s Chava Center for Reproductive Psychiatry cares for women's mental health, mainly for pregnant and postpartum women.

  • Due to our expertise in virtual treatment, all Israeli women anywhere can receive our treatment.
  • Since the outbreak of the war, requests for assistance have risen, and on Saturday, October 7th, we opened a hotline for emotional support for pregnant and postpartum women, along with a Q&A webinar providing recommendations for coping with the current situation.
  • Our primary goal is to assist women in emotional distress during pregnancy and after childbirth, now in heightened distress due to the war.
  • For this, we need to increase our therapeutic staff and train teams in identification and intervention. All donations are welcome.

Your generous, immediate help will enable:

  1. Establishment of a dedicated mother-baby day care unit for mothers affected by war trauma - designed for women suffering from severe depression, including suicidality, crippling anxiety, severe PTSD, and postpartum psychosis. ($50,000 will support the first six months, with $50,000 for another six months).

  2. Training therapeutic teams to support women experiencing wartime emotional distress ($1,000 per basic training, with up to 50 people per group). The more personnel we train, the more support we can provide.

  3. Specialized training for professionals (gynecologists, family health center nurses, and pediatricians) to identify and provide initial intervention to women experiencing emotional distress due to the war. ($1,000 per training period, with up to 50 people per group. Our goal is to train 2500 people to provide appropriate support — a total of $50,000.)

Please send all donations to:

Chava Center Friends of Sheba Medical Center Tel-Hashomer Guild R.A. Bank – Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M. Branch – Main Branch #800 Address – 3 Abba Hillel Silver, Lod Swift (bic) code – LUMIILITXXX IL84 0108 0000 0005 1943 863 IBAN Account No. 51943883 Thank you for your support, Dr. Vered Bar Head of Chava Center Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Learn more about Sheba Medical Center here:
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