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Vayera – Go to Uncertainty Be a Blessing

10/26/2021 04:49:28 PM


Rabbi Nat Ezray


Judaism begins with a journey into the unknown. The first Jews, Abraham and Sarah leave everything that is familiar – their homeland, their families of origin, their native culture, their habits of mind – and journey to a new and unknown land. Think about the implication to us of a religion rooted in journey into the unknown. We too are...Read more...

Reopening update from the President

09/01/2021 09:50:03 AM


by Steve Dines

Dear Congregants,

I wanted to use this Voice piece to let you know what our reopening plans are through the end of 2021.

As many of you know, we held our High Holiday services under an 8000 square foot canopy in the CBJ parking lot.  We had wonderful levels of attendance on both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive, not just about the steps we took to make worshippers feel...Read more...

Rabbi Ezray - Rosh Hashana: The Challenge of Hope

09/14/2021 08:36:38 AM


Rabbi Ezray

         I recently listened to a podcast featuring our congregant Andy Karsner about his involvement with alternative energy. As the interview was winding down, Andy shared an interesting personal story. He and Maria moved to New York and had their first child...Read more...

Rabbi Ilana  - Rosh HaShana

09/13/2021 02:19:08 PM


Rabbi Ilana

Rosh HaShana Day 2 5782

Rabbi Ezray told us yesterday that hope emerges when we allow space for pain.

I’d like to tell you a story about my father.

My father thrives on interesting ideas. He is a physical chemist, and for most of his life, he was obsessed with his scientific research. None of us ever thought he would retire. 

But eventually he was forced...

Bill Futornick - Rosh HaShana: Perfection and Yetzer Ha Ra

09/10/2021 11:42:10 AM


Bill Futornick

Perfection and Yetzer Ha Ra

From nothing comes something. Light suffuses the darkness; stars, oceans, chrysanthemums and koalas come into being. It is all Tov, the elemental Good. The climax of creation- humans- appears, beings made in God’s image. And they are not just Tov. They are Tov Me’od. Very Tov. Vayechulu. God finishes, ceases labor, and I can visualize the satisfaction etched on God’s face. It was...Read more...

Sukkot – Fun Facts, Reflections and Prayers by Rabbi Nat Ezray

09/01/2021 09:36:13 AM


Rabbi Ezray

Don’t overlook Sukkot!  We need it now more than ever. Here are some interesting facts, reflection and a prayer that I hope will bring further meaning to Sukkot this year.

1. Sukkot is “THE HOLIDAY”

What is the most important holiday of the Jewish calendar?  Most people would respond Yom Kippur or Passover.  Some might even say Chanukkah.  When you look at our sources – you will discover that the...Read more...

Rabbi Ilana    Shoftim - Higher Love

08/19/2021 07:38:49 AM


Rabbi Ilana

the act of giving freely inspires the greatest love

Here’s a truth about little children, that is sometimes hard for adults to accept. Children love the people who give to them. 

As they should. Young children have so many needs – physical and emotional – and our biology has programmed us to feel love for the people who provide, whether they it’s attention, or fun, or nurturing, or food.

When I was a little girl...

Rabbi Ilana - Pinchas

08/04/2021 10:41:04 AM


Pinchas – Feminism Yesterday and Today  

Most social progress is made as two steps forward and one step back.

Our family spent two nights last month at a hotel outside Grand Canyon National Park. Our room was decorated with framed, black-and-white photos of frontier explorers at the Canyon. What amazed me about those photos were the women – they were all wearing long, voluminous skirts down to the ground. Can you imagine...Read more...

Rabbi Ezray - Korach – Turning 60

08/04/2021 10:08:49 AM


Korach – Turning 60 – Confronting the Inner Korach Sometimes lines from our tradition can ruffle feathers a bit.

That happened to me this week when I turned sixty and decided to see what traits and qualities our tradition associates with this milestone.  In Pirkei Avot, we learn that thirty is the age of koach/strength; that felt right.  Forty is the age of bina/insight; that too felt right.  A decade ago when I turned fifty, the...Read more...

Sat, January 29 2022 27 Shevat 5782