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Congregation Beth Jacob is a vibrant, warm and welcoming community where people of diverse ages and backgrounds build meaningful relationships.  At CBJ, there are a variety of ways to meet other members and be a part of that community.  These groups are open to all and always looking for new members. Come join us!






All meetings are at CBJ, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. on the date listed

Come join us for lively discussions of these interesting books.  No need to pre-register.

May 7 – A Grave in Gaza by Matt Rees, Janet Teman will be our discussion leader. From an Amazon review: “In the early pages of Matt Rees’ new book, "A Grave in Gaza," one its characters observes that in the political and social devastation of today's Gaza territory ‘there is no single, isolated crime (here).’ Each one is linked to many others...when you touch one of them, it sets off reverberations that will be felt by powerful people, ruthless people." Author Rees deftly uses Omar Yussuf's pursuit of his colleagues' liberation to take a hard look at the pervasive corruption and physical degeneration that characterize life in Gaza for all those trapped in that small territory.”

And remember to buy your books at Kepler's and CBJ gets 10%!  Click here to learn more.

Any comments or questions contact Jerry Brodkey by email or at 650-917-8213.



At CBJ we believe in the power of small groups. To foster deeper friendships and stronger affiliation we want to offer many paths to connect with other members in a meaningful way. We encourage every CBJ member to join a Chavurah, an Affinity Group—or both!


A Chavurah is an opportunity to develop life-long friendships. Each Chavurah is a small group of CBJ individuals, couples, or families who decide to join together for socializing, learning, and celebrating Jewish life together. A Chavurah offers its members friendships, an extended family, and a sense of closer belonging within the larger CBJ community. Traditional Chavurot are generally demographic-based, matching families with children of a similar age, for example. The Chavurah members plan a variety of programs according to their interests, including community service and  educational, religious, cultural, recreational, and social events. Members also participate together in larger congregational events. Each Chavurah meets often enough to develop close friendships among the members, and may gather in a variety of locations.


An Affinity Group, or Interest Group, offers the chance to connect with other CBJ members around shared hobbies, activities, or topics. We are offering several suggestions for getting started, but feel free to suggest your own. These groups will cross demographic lines and bring together individuals with a common interest. Meeting times and location will be different for each group. The groups are designed to help members to get to know each other outside the synagogue, yet are also designed to build relationships within the synagogue.


You will be matched with other CBJ members whose requests most closely match your own. We will help you get organized and provide lots of ideas and resources. Once a year or so, each group will be invited to take on a small part of synagogue life, such as leading a service, hosting a Kiddush, or running a social action program.

If you are interested in joining or starting a Chavurah, please complete this form and return it to Eric Stone by email or give him a call at 650-366-8481.


Check back for news of the next Men's Community gathering.


Sisterhood is where Beth Jacob women of all ages can meet regularly for social activities, support, wisdom, learning, recreation, spiritual endeavors and service to the CBJ and the greater community.

Women through the ages have gained wisdom, support and inspiration from other women. CBJ women gather on a Sunday every month when the moon is new (Rosh Chodesh) to explore life together. We have engaged in guided mediation, learned to bake Jewish foods, planned and created rituals, studied with inspiring female teachers, listened to each other's stories, created art, enjoyed music, and have eaten a lot of food!

Dues for this year are $36, and help to pay for our leaders and special events. Even if you can only attend one event, please consider becoming a Sisterhood member. Also, your donations in honor/memory of loved ones can be earmarked for the Sisterhood.

Upcoming Sisterhood Events


An email evite will go out 4- 6 weeks before each event, describing all the details for the upcoming event, and will be the time when you sign up.
  • Feb. 9, 2014; 4 PM – 6 PM: Chocolate Garage- enjoy a delicious afternoon of chocolate tasting and learning!
  • March 9, 2014; 4 PM – 6 PM: Game night. Lots of laughing guaranteed! At the home of Karen Gould and hosted by Karen Gould and Caryn Siegel. RSVP by writing to Caryn Siegel at
  • April 6, 2014; 10 - noon: Painting party.
  • May 4, 2014; 10 - noon: Tour of Jewish San Francisco.
  • June 8, 2014; 7:00 – 10 PM: Co-ed Wine tasting with Bill. This is an encore event due to the huge success last year!
  • July 13, 2014; 10 - noon: Yoga- enjoy a relaxing yoga session with fellow sisterhood friends. 


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Do you have an idea for a Social Group that you would like to see at Beth Jacob?  Contact Eric Stone by email or at 650-366-8481.