Rabbi Ezray on Pesach

Pesach is the time to bring to life our experience of the liberation from slavery.  We learn about this time and expand on our knowledge of the history during the Seder, and in the course of this we discover our own strength, resolve and connection.  If we can do this in a real way, we can emerge from the holiday feeling as if we ourselves personally went through the experience. 

Our guide on this journey is the Haggadah

Every year I try to buy a new Haggadah and incorporate some of the thoughts and interpretations that it brings to renew my Seder and appreciation of Pesach. I have included here some of my favorite Haggadot.  I encourage you to have a look at these and try something new this year.  If you have any questions or have a favorite Haggadot you would like to share with me, please send me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you.





by Lawrence A. Hoffman (Editor), David Arnow (Editor)


by Rabbi Nathan Laufer

This a book that gives background to the writing of the Hagaddah and to hidden meanings encoded in the Seder.  As I read the book I found myself underlining furiously and reflecting on how I never understood the Seder as he was explaining it.

by David Arnow

This is a book which gives activities and texts connected to the Seder, which will help invigorate the Seder, create lively discussions and make personal connections with the Exodus story.

by Noam Zion and David Dishon

A fantastic Haggadah that weaves a tapestry of ancient midrash, contemporary commentary, provocative questions, and unexpected answers. It provides games, questions and skits to involve the children, while providing the adults with a series of timeless themes that emerge from the story. 

Edited by Sue Levi Elwell

This Haggadah has beautiful artwork, traditional and innovative blessings and lots of thoughtful commentaries and supplemental readings.  It also has traditional and newly commissioned music. 

Edited by Rabi Joy Levitt and Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

I love the commentary and reflections in this Haggadah.  The readings, song lyrics, interpretation and historical notes all create a exciting book.  It also has beautiful illustrations.

by Jonathan Sacks

This Haggadah and series of essays impresses me with its depth, intelligence and moral sensitivity.  I read it and am constantly moved by its original insights and relevant themes.

Edited by Rabbi Richard N. Levy

This Haggadah has wonderful reflections and songs that help bring life to the Seder.  It thoughtfully creates connections between Passover and modern events in accessible ways.

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