Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to see the answer. If you do not find the answer you were looking for, please contact the synagogue office at 650-366-8481 or click here to email.

Q. Where is Congregation Beth Jacob?

A. We are located at 1550 Alameda de las Pulgas in Redwood City, California.  Click here for a map.

Q. What kind of synagogue is Congregation Beth Jacob?

A. CBJ is a Conservative, intergenerational, and egalitarian learning community which emphasizes participation and belonging.

Q. What time are your services? What time do they end?

A. For a listing of service times, please click here.  The services in the main sanctuary follow a triennial cycle, and the ending time depends on simchas or other special events of the day.  Generally, the service ends anywhere from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m., with a Kiddush to follow.

Q. Can you please recommend a mohel?

A. Please click here for information about brit milah/brit bat and a listing of local mohelim.

Q. Can you please recommend a kosher caterer and/or bakery?

A. These Kosher caterers have been approved to work at Beth Jacob.  Please contact them directly to help you plan your event. Click here for a pdf version


    Contact: Ayelet Perry, Executive Chef/Owner

    Nir Perry, General Manager

    1757 East Bayshore Road #B1

    Redwood City, CA 94063


    Tel: (650) 261-1650 x11

    Fax: (650) 261-1675

    Cell: (408) 655-6500


    Contact: Hillary Scheier

    2541 Fairbrook Drive

    Mountain View, CA  94040

    Tel: (650) 988-9211



    Contact: Dottie Yourtz

    Redwood City

    Tel: (408) 895-3531

    Home: (650)368-2241

    Cell: (650) 575-2828



    Contact: Devorah Kelman

    1459 Beach Park Blvd.

    Foster City, CA 94404

    Tel: (650) 212-6455

    Fax: (650) 212-6410


    Contact: Wendy Kleckner

    441 El Camino Real

    Menlo Park, CA 94025

    Tel: (650) 322-4189


Q. Do your clergy officiate at interfaith weddings?

A. The short answer is no.  The long answer is that Conservative rabbis, as members of the Conservative movement and Rabbinical Assembly, must adhere to the traditional Jewish definitions of marriage and Halacha, or Jewish law, which does not recognize such marriages as valid.  Therefore our clergy must refrain from officiating at interfaith marriages.  However, as an intermarried couple, Congregation Beth Jacob welcomes you warmly.  Please contact Rabbi Ezray to discuss your marriage plans, thoughts and concerns.

Q. Do your clergy officiate at same-sex weddings?

A. Yes, Rabbi Ezray is honored to officiate at same-sex ceremonies, provided both partners are Jewish.  Please contact Rabbi Ezray by email or at 650-366-8481 for more information.

Q. How much does membership cost?

A. Click here for information for prospective members.

Q. Is there space available in your preschool?

A. For registration and general information about our preschool, click here.

Q. Can I rent space there for my event?

A. Yes. Our Sanctuary, Chapel, Social Hall, and Conference Room are available for life-cycle events, organization meetings, and other occasions. Rental fees and conditions depend on the type of event, the space needed, the length of the event, and whether the organizer is a member of Beth Jacob. Click here to email your inquiry or call us at 650-366-8481.

Q. What are your Kosher standards for foods prepared at home to be served at CBJ?

The following rules must be followed:

Only cold dairy or cold pareve foods may be brought from home into the synagogue. Nothing that has been cooked may be brought into the synagogue. There are only two exceptions:

1. Hard boiled eggs cooked in the shell. The eggs must be cooled before they are shelled. The reason for this exception is that the shell acts as a barrier/container for the egg during cooking thereby allowing the egg itself to remain kosher through the cooking process. Once the egg is cooled it falls into the category of cold pareve food and therefore may be brought to the synagogue.

2. Baked goods prepared in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

The no cooking provision precludes such foods as macaroni salad, pastas, potato salad or any other dishes that are cooked. Permitted foods include cold dishes such as cold vegetable salads, (using vegetables that that have not been previously cooked), tuna salad, egg salad, fruit salad, cheeses, etc. The CBJ office has a list of addition menu items you can prepare if you would like suggestions.

In preparing cold dairy food please follow these rules:

1. Prior to use for synagogue cooking, bowls, beaters and flatware should be thoroughly washed in hot, soapy water.

2. Check food packaging carefully to make sure there is a kosher certification (hechsher).

3. Use only new disposable aluminum tins, foil, or paper plates to bring food to the synagogue.

If you have any doubts about the Kashrut of a certain product, please do not use it until you have checked with the Rabbi.


Baked goods prepared at home are permitted in the synagogue under the following conditions:


1. For baking at home, glass dishes or new disposable aluminum pans are preferred. If that is not possible, double line with heavy aluminum foil the pans that are to be used.

2. Prior to use for synagogue baking, bowls, beaters and flatware should be thoroughly washed in hot soapy water.

3. Please use the trays provided by the synagogue to serve the baked goods you bring. Use only unused disposable aluminum tins, foil, or paper plates to bring food to the synagogue.


If mixes are used, please make sure they have a hechsher. Caution: Ingredients listed as “vegetable or animal shortening” are not kosher. Use only butter, 100% pure vegetable shortening or margarine with a hechsher. Some baking ingredients need no certification, for example flour, pure spices, milk, hard cheese, yeast, fresh fruits and nuts.

If you did not find the answer you were looking for, please contact the synagogue office at 650-366-8481 or click here to email.