This section highlights the people and community activities of Beth Jacob.

CONGREGATION BETH JACOB strives to be a community of Kehilla Kedosha, or Sacred Community

A kehilla kedosha pulsates with learning about finding kedusha in every moment. 

A kehilla kedosha uses study of sacred text from past and present to shine a light on our own behavior and give us insight into who we can become and how we can understand God. 

A kehilla kedosha elevates key moments with deeper significance.

A kehilla kedosha creates connections where we lift up and treasure our own story and each other’s story.


Relationship is the key piece of a vital community, and a defining piece of kehilla kedoshah.  At CBJ, we connect with each other in genuine ways, sharing joys and sorrow, valuing the sacred in each person.  We integrate different generations and populations in real ways — fusing adults and children together in worship, in classrooms, in chesed – loving acts which care for those in need and repair the world. 

At the foundation of relationship, is story. Judaism is all about the stories we tell. When you go into the second synagogue, it is a place that is full of storytelling. Our tradition is all about storytelling.  We’re good at telling stories of the past.  We need to grow in creating a congregation where we lift up our own and value the stories of others. You have wisdom and experience that needs to be lifted up in community. Be it elders sharing stories with youth, stories shared on-line and in the lobby or as part of services, sacred community is about your story.