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"Joining a CSA is eating from a garden, and when you eat from a garden, you eat by the seasons."  Jocelyn Engman






Dear CBJ Congregant,

We are excited to announce that we will soon become a weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery site for Eating with the Seasons. CSA is a way for people to develop direct relationships with local farmers. Subscribing to a CSA program offers funding to help farmers cover their costs during the growing process in exchange for food grown on the farm. The food is grown locally and is all organic, grown sustainably on small farms.

As we have been talking about at CBJ over the past few years, it is important for us to eat food produced this way not only because it is healthier and tastes better, but also because it is a more ethical way of eating. These ethics are intrinsically Jewish values: maintaining one’s body, respect for the land, protection of small family farms, and cutting down on fossil fuel consumption.

In making this commitment, we join with Hazon, which has been instrumental in helping the Jewish world to develop programs of impact on our environment. The mission of Hazon is to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community and a healthier and more sustainable world for all, a mission that we share wholeheartedly.

Every year, the Hazon Food Conference at the Asilomar conference center in Monterey explores the intersection of Jewish life and contemporary food issues. This year’s conference will take place December 24 to 27, and we urge you to attend. Go to for information about this important conference, and for more information about Hazon. With the help of Hazon, we will develop an ongoing educational framework about food production and consumption and how this is part of our Jewish values system.

The membership in Eating with the Seasons includes a weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables, and the ability to supplement your order with eggs, nuts, coffee, and tea. This CSA offers a very flexible approach to the quantity and selection available each week.

Click here for more information and to sign up and select CBJ as your preferred pickup site.

Once we have at least five families participating, Eating with the Seasons will begin delivery to CBJ. If health issues make it difficult for you to get to CBJ, we will arrange for delivery of your produce before Shabbat. And of course, if it is more convenient to pick up from a different site, please indicate that when you sign up.

We will be forming a small committee to administer and support our CSA participation. The committee will publicize the program, develop the educational framework, and arrange delivery for those who need it. Debbie Ballon has been spearheading this project, and we offer our gratitude to her for all of her efforts. Please contact Debbie by email to join with her on the steering committee for our new CSA.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie or Bill Futornick.

With Best Wishes,

Rabbi Ezray and Bill Futornick


Eating with the Seasons is a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program that brings you the highest quality in organic produce, eggs, granolas, jams and other commodities. Our unique CSA offers members the ability to customize their weekly boxes from a list of 25-30 different fruits and vegetables. In addition to organic produce, we offer organic eggs from pastured chickens, organic coffees and teas, grass-fed beef, granola, jams, olive oil and more!

There are 4 different bag sizes, ranging from 6 items per week to 16 items per week, to accommodate all households. Membership options include: a 4 week trial, monthly, seasonal or annual payment plans (paying for the full year gives you 3% off your produce!).

We will now be delivering on Fridays to Congregation Beth Jacob! To learn more or to sign up please feel free to visit our website. To sign up for a drop-off at Congregation Beth Jacob you can use the Peninsula sign-up form.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at 831-245-8125 or email Bryan at Eating with the Seasons.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you!


Community Supported Agriculture programs are a way for folks to develop direct relationships with local farmers. Subscribing to a CSA program offers funding to help cover their costs during the growing process in exchange for food grown on the farm.

CSAs generally focus on the production of high quality foods for a local community, often using organic or biodynamic farming methods, and a shared risk membership/marketing structure. This kind of farming operates with a much greater-than-usual degree of involvement of consumers and other stakeholders — resulting in a stronger than usual consumer-producer relationship. The core design includes developing a cohesive consumer group that is willing to fund a whole season’s budget in order to get quality foods. The system has many variations on how the farm budget is supported by the consumers and how the producers then deliver the foods. By CSA theory, the more a farm embraces whole-farm, whole-budget support, the more it can focus on quality and reduce the risk of food waste or financial loss.

Click here to learn more.

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